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Corporate Social Responsibility

USL is a NZ-owned, private company comitted to becoming a world class supplier of healthcare products to the New Zealand market. We realise that with this goal comes responsibllity for the impact we have on society and the wider community that we operate in.

Staff and the Community

Staff participate in community fundraising by dressing up and attending morning teas. May is Breast Cancer Month and November is Men’s Health Month.

USL and the Community
Dr Tom

Dr Tom is on a mission and we are enjoying helping him on his way.   Being in the medical field, we have been able to help Dr Tom equip his ambulance and help him do the good work around New Zealand.

Positive Futures for Children of Prisoners – breaking cycles of crime
The programme run by the children's charity Pillars, is designed to support children and families of prisoners. Our aim is to assist these children in getting the support services needed to help prevent intergenerational offending and imprisonment. Children of prisoners need hope and guidance to grow up to be healthy adults. They need a safe place to live, care and protection during their parent's absence, comfort and affection, food and access to healthcare, an education, their public status and private self-image preserved and an opportunity to reach their full potential.
On any given day an estimated 20,000 children have a parent in prison in New Zealand

Helping our Neighbours

When we have suitable stock for contribution towards specific endeavours, we fill a container and with our freight friends, send the goods to the islands for free so that the product can still be used.  Saving landfill and wasting.



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