Corpuls 3 Monitor/Defibrillator

  • Code: WM3GSO18000

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Separable Defibrillator and Monitoring System

Innovation: Wireless connection guarantees uninterrupted monitoring of vital parameters

More mobile and more flexible than ever: The corpuls³ is a new defibrillator and monitoring system which can be fully equipped for use in emergency medical services and hospitals. The innovation: corpuls³ consists of three devices: a monitor, a patient box and a defibrillator. They can be used all together, two at a time or each on its own. At an emergency site, in a rescue vehicle or in the hospital, the emergency doctor and rescue personnel can decide how to use corpuls³ in each situation. In every case, communication between the individual devices is guaranteed by wireless technology. Dangerous cables are a thing of the past. For the first time, continuous uninterrupted patient monitoring is possible.


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