Prisma 25ST Bi-Level

  • Code: WM29920-2111

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Featuring flexibility with settings and indication-specific pre-settings (SCOPES), the Prisma25ST lets you configure suitable, personalized solutions for patients with obstructive, mixed or complex sleep apnea with comorbidities. Other features like automatic backup frequency and FOT apnea identification and many comfort functions contribute to safe, effective and whisper-quiet therapy.

  • Several options: broad pressure range (4 – 25 cmH2O) and numerous parameter settings for more flexibility
  • Safety: ensured by automatic backup frequency and setting for fixed backup frequency
  • Proven: optional TRILevel pressures and autoEEPAP regulation
  • Fast: SCOPES, indication-specific pre-settings, which can be adjusted later as needed
  • For natural breathing: autoTrigger (Trigger IN)

General Features

  • softSTART
  • pressure relief softPAP
  • autoSTART-STOP
  • auto(E)EPAP
  • automatic trigger technology (Trigger IN)
  • Ramp IN
  • TRILevel pressures
  • obstruction identification FOT / FBT
  • autoF
  • indication-specific pre-settings (SCOPES)


  • CPAP
  • APAP
  • autoS
  • ST
  • autoST
  • S


  • Hypoventilation (e.g., in OHS)
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Overlap (e.g., sleep disorder and concurrent COPD)

Pressure Range

  • BILevel 4 to 25 hPa
  • CPAP 4 to 20 hPa
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