ACCUVAC Rescue Portable Suction Unit

  • Code: WM10812

  • Unit: 

The ACCUVAC Rescue is the first step in clearing the patient‘s airways from obstructions so that effective ventilation can be administered. In an emergency situation the patient‘s survival depends on keeping the airways clear. ACCUVAC Rescue ensures free and clear airways by suctioning the mouth and throat, endotracheal or bronchial areas. The pump‘s high suction capacity and its easy handling assist medical personnel in carrying out this effective and proven patient procedure in professional emergency medical services.

With the choice of pre-defined suction levels, the user can adjust the suction capacity to every situation. ACCUVAC Rescue can be used on babies, children and adults. In addition to suctioning airways, ACCUVAC Rescue also deflates vacuum splints and mattresses. Modern lithium-ion rechargeable battery ensures greater than 60min of continuous running suction time.

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