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Cardiac monitoring is vital for diagnosing heart conditions and other cardiac abnormalities. Accurate monitoring of heart rate rhythm, heart rate and other vitals such as blood pressure can mean the difference between life and death.

This is why we at USL Equipment are uncompromising when it comes to cardio pulmonary monitoring devices. We insist on reliable high quality devices and supplies especially where cardiac monitoring is concerned. Our cardiac monitoring devices are:

  • Versatile. We stock a wide variety of cardiac monitoring devices for different situations and environments. Whether you’re looking for equipment for short tests or for ambulatory monitoring, we offer a wide selection to meet different needs and requirements.
  • Easy to use. Our ambulatory blood pressure monitoring devices are small and light. They are a great way to avoid the effects of white coat syndrome and ensure accurate cardiac and pulmonary monitoring.
  • Accurate. Shop highly accurate and sensitive devices to ensure accurate readings. Monitor everything from heart rate to blood pressure. Establish a baseline to detect anomalies for effective management of health conditions.

We stock a wide range of cardiac and pulmonary monitoring devices for accurate monitoring of ECG signals. Shop our selection now to find the right equipment for your needs.