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Getting enough oxygen is vital for health. Oxygen is required for the production of energy and heat in the body. It is required for performing the basic functions that keep us alive. When the body’s oxygen levels are too low, the body isn’t able to function properly. Patients begin to experience hypoxemia which can cause mild symptoms such as shortness of breath and headaches. If oxygen levels continue to drop, brain and heart function may deteriorate significantly. If oxygen levels are not restored it can prove to be life threatening.

Respiratory equipment is designed to assist patients breathing. Some devices deliver pressurized oxygen rich air to the respiratory passages to prevent them from collapsing and ensure that the patient. Others help to remove mucus from the airways. This helps to keep them clear and promote breathing.

We at USL Equipment stock a wide variety of respiratory equipment to meet varying needs and requirements. From air cleaners to nebulizers, you’ll find a wide range of devices and accessories designed to help ensure that patients’ oxygen levels remain at optimum. We do not compromise when it comes to the quality and performance of our devices. 

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