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Proper casting and care of casting is important for protection and support of broken or fractured bones or injured joints. Casting keeps the bone or joint in place to allow complete healing. Using the right casting equipment is vital for ensuring proper application of the cast. The right equipment will also ensure painless removal as well as prevent further injuries.

Alongside cast removal saws and accessories, we at USL Equipment stock a wide variety of tools to facilitate safe and proper application and removal of patients’ casts. Our cast saws and accessories feature cast saws that are balanced. Their ergonomic design prevents user fatigue. They feature hospital grade plugs and are lubricated internally to provide smooth operation.

Shop cast saws that are powerful but offer quiet operation. Shop accessories including cast plaster removal blades and blade covers to keep your cast saw working for longer at optimum.

Whether you're shopping to start an orthopedic practice, veterinary clinic or are an artist seeking tools to express your creativity with plaster, you’ll find our range of medical casting tools and equipment provide what you need. Start shopping now for high quality equipment that is built to perform at optimum for the long term.