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Ensuring that you’re in a comfortable position is about much more than your mental well-being. Being able to work or sit in a comfortable position will help you avoid placing undue stress on any part of your body. Not paying attention to comfort will result in aches and pains that will hinder your day to day activities.

Shop footstools here at USL Equipment and discover a wide range of high quality and ergonomic footstools. Doctors, clinicians, therapists and other medical personnel use these footstools to ensure proper and comfortable posture while administering treatment. They can be used to rest the feet and ensure proper sitting posture or when you need to reach up. These stools are great not only for taking pressure off your lower back but also for safety when reaching up.

These stools are also great for ensuring the comfort of patients who have to remain seated for long periods. They also offer a great safety tool for patients. For example, patients may use them when dismounting from an examination bed or hospital bed.

We at USL Equipment don’t compromise when it comes to the quality of the products we supply. Our footstools are sturdy and long lasting. They are built to withstand the rough treatment of a hospital environment.