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Babies are unable to adjust to changes in temperature as well as adults do. They are especially vulnerable right after birth. Their temperatures can drop rapidly. Newborns lose body heat up to 4 times faster than adults do. Babies that are premature or born with low birthweight are even more vulnerable as they do not have much body fat on their bodies. Their bodies aren’t equipped to regulate their own temperature just yet.

Babies use up more oxygen and energy to generate heat when their temperature drops. This can result in babies using up their reserve energy. It is therefore important to keep babies warm and allow them to hold onto their reserve energy. This is especially the case when a baby is premature or sick.

We at USL Equipment understand just how important it is to provide newborns with the ideal environment to thrive. Our neonatal products are aimed at exactly that. Warming neonatal beds are designed to create a warm and soothing environment for newborns. Our beds offer various other features that will give you better control over the environment that the newborn is in.

Shop our neonatal products to find high quality equipment designed to ensure the safety and health of newborns.