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Mattresses, Cushions & Pillows

Patients spend a lot of their time laying down in their beds. Some patients may remain immobile for extended periods. It is important to not only consider their comfort but also prevent common side effects that may occur as a result of remaining immobile for an extended period.

Hospital mattresses are designed with the needs and requirements of patients in mind. These mattresses are designed to not only ensure the comfort of patients but also prevent the development of complications such as pressure ulcers that result from remaining immobile for a long period. Hospital mattresses are manufactured using specialized materials and design to ensure even distribution of weight and reduce the risk of developing bed sores. These mattresses are designed to conform to the shape of the patient.

Shop hospital mattresses and cushions here at USL Equipment and discover high quality and high performance hospital mattresses and cushions. We supply mattresses that are designed to support the comfort and wellbeing of patients. Our mattresses and cushions are also durable and easy to clean. They are exactly what you need to create a safe and healing environment for patients.

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