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Crutches offer much needed support to people with impairments to their mobility. They allow you to keep the weight off your lower body and instead depend on your upper body for the support you need while moving around. People with health conditions such as cerebral palsy, fractures, strains, sprains or those recovering from surgery can benefit from keeping the weight off their lower bodies using crutches.

We at USL Equipment stock high quality crutches designed to provide stability and balance. They’re designed to reduce pressure on the legs to promote healing. Shop adjustable crutches here at USL Equipment that are designed to meet the individual needs and requirements. The height of the handgrips and the arm cuffs can be adjusted to suit different purposes and requirements. The handgrips are vinyl coated for better and more comfortable grip.

We also stock crutch accessories including heavy duty crutch feet. These crutch feet are made from reinforced rubber to improve safety and comfort when using crutches. The crutch feet also help to muff the sound when moving on different surfaces.

Shop our selection of crutches and accessories to find crutches that are not only functional but also designed to provide the greatest comfort when moving around.