Melag Melanet Network Box

  • Code: 90490

  • Unit: 


The MELAnet Box enables network connection (Ethernet) of the MELAG autoclaves of the Pro-Class, S-Class and the Cliniklav 25. They are connected to the serial interface of the autoclave and receive the protocols of all processes and converts them into a network compatible form and then forwards them in the internal network.

The MELAnet Box is fitted with an independent web server which places websites in the user network so that you can view the protocols from any computer of completed, or processes running in real time. The sterilization protocols can be saved very easily without further work or additional software. As a result, the need for permanent documentation of the sterilization parameters is fulfilled.

The sterilization protocol is read out automatically after a programme has been ended, and filed in the corresponding folder in the network. You can open, view and print these protocols with the PC. In addition to this automatic function, the protocols and graphic data can be accessed manually from the autoclaves.

As the MELAnet Box works browser-based, it can be operated on a cross-platform basis (PC, Apple, Linux).