Illuco TTL Loupes 3.0x

  • Code: ILL-ITL-1000-3

  • Unit: 


TTL Loupes- NB- Optometrists Measurements are Required

- Creates an ergonimic posture and a comfortable view. ILLUCO has a lot of design and production experience with optics. It uses an ultra-low dispersion lens (ED) to minimize chromatic aberration to show vivid color reproducibility and high sharpness images, Broadband Anti-Reflection (BBAR) is applied to maintain a clear image in any environment


Galilean or Prismatic
FOV(Cm) @xx Cm
Working Distance (Cm)
Resolution (lp/mm)
Weight(g) without spectacle
2.5x TTL 2.5 GL 15 35~55 8 15
3.0x TTL 3 GL 12 35~55 9 22
Code Description Unit
ILL-ITL-1000-3 Illuco TTL Loupes 3.0x EACH Add to quote