RoMedic ReTurn

  • Code: 7500I

  • Unit: 

Safe and active sit-to-stand and transfer – without any heavy lifting

ReTurn 7400 & 7500 are easy-to-use and incredibly effective assistive devices providing convenient and natural support for sit-to-stand and transfer, but they are also a rehabilitation device. The ReTurn enables safe and active sit-to-stand and transfer to or from bed, wheelchair or toilet and can also be used to facilitate repositioning farther back in a chair or wheelchair.

For the caregiver, they enable easy transfers without any heavy lifting. For users who still retain some degree of strength, they stimulates the natural pattern of movement during sit-to-stand, while at the same time strengthening the muscles and functional ability. This makes it the ideal assistive device in a rehab unit, and a user who uses ReTurn at home can normally live at home longer with the help of only one caregiver.


The ReTurn7500i has a rising ladder which has an opening for quick and easy hooking of the ReTurnBelt and is appropriate for most adult users weighing max. 150 kg

Code Description Unit
7400 7400 Transfer platform EACH Add to quote
7500I 7500i transfer platform with easy hooking for belt EACH Add to quote