Romedic Bariatric Slings

  • Code: 47091010

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The RoMedic BariSling is for extremely large and heavy users – over 200 kg

BariSling is a lifting sling that is designed for lifting users weighing 200 kg or more. It can be used in combination with both mobile and stationary lifts, with a four-point sling bar or with BariTurn.

BariSling has six suspension points; two loops at the back and four below, under the legs, to distribute pressure safely and comfortably.

These Slings is available in polyester, in two sizes for users weighing max 570 kg. 


47001010 BariSling XXXL    200-350kg
47001011 BariSling XXXXL  250-570kg
SWL for both 570kg