Sling SOLO OHB Mod 25 Single Patient Use

  • Code: L3525911-2

  • Unit: 


  The Solo HighBack sling, model 25, is a single-patient-use, general purpose sling. The Solo HighBack sling can be used in most lifting situations—for example, between bed and wheelchair and toilet.Designed to adapt itself to the patient without any individual adjustments, the sling is available in four sizes and with proper fitting delivers a high level of comfort and safety.The Solo HighBack sling is made of a very strong non-woven polypropylene fabric that is non-washable and is engineered to be disposed of when it has become soiled or when the patient no longer needs it.

 Solo High Back sling is a disposable item intended for individual use only.

Code Description Unit
L3525911-2 Medium Slim EACH Add to quote
L35259152 Medium EACH Add to quote
L35259162 Large EACH Add to quote
L35259172 X-Large EACH Add to quote