Wooltec Grip Waterproof Chair Pad Non-Slip Blue

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Wooltec's Non-Slip Waterproof Grip Chair Pad is a distinctive product. It incorporates a foam layer for comfort and utilises 'Grippa' fabric for enhanced grip. This design ensures that users remain securely seated and prevents forward sliding.

When a person slides forward in a chair, it can increase the pressure on the coccyx area, and may also affect their breathing. Sitting correctly can also help with eating, compared to being slumped in a chair. This product can also help Caring Staff save time when patients do not need to be re-positioned regularly.

The Grip Chair Pad is compatible with most chair models, available in blue, and measures 520mm x 440mm. It is machine-washable and can also be wiped down and placed in a dryer on a low temperature after use. It is important to avoid excessive heat as it may cause damage to the outer fabric.

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