Caremed SPU Transfer Pads

  • Code: FM-USL0002

  • Unit: 


Single patient use transfer pads

Comes in sizes s below;
34"(W) x 78"(L)
39"(W) x 78"(L)
50"(W) x 78"(L)
Patient Transfer Mattress Max weight 1000lb or 450kgs
•Sewn construction
•Latex Free product
•Top: Polypropylene Non‐Woven fabric
•Bottom: Anti‐Bacteria nylon PVC fabric

Single Patient Use Disposable Transfer Mattress moves a patient on a soft nylon PVC air mattress inflated with low pressure, high volume air. Holes in the underside allow air to escape. The escaping air acts as a lubricant, reducing friction, making movement of the matttress and the patient effortless.

Code Description Unit
FM-USL0002 34" EACH Add to quote
FM-USL0003 39" EACH Add to quote
FM-USL0004 50" EACH Add to quote