PORTEX Cliniflo Lung Exerciser Low Flow

  • Code: SM221200

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Incentive spirometers are used to help keep patients’ lungs healthy when they are weakened and recovering. The breathing exercises are designed to help patients take long deep breaths, similar to a yawn. The deep breathing improves the ability to clear mucus from the lungs and may also increase the amount of oxygen getting into the lungs.

The PORTEX CliniFLO® Flow Breathing Exerciser by Smths Medical  is ideal for therapy in geriatric, pediatric or weakened patients. With flow settings from 100ml/sec to 600ml/sec, virtually any patient can sustain the minimum inspiratory effort required for effective therapy. Slow inspirations enhance collateral ventilation and minimise patient discomfort when performing post-surgical breathing exercises.

  • O2 port makes it easy to provide oxygen during therapy
  • Preassembled popple tubing, mouthpiece and instructions.
  • Six flow settings from 100ml/sec to 600ml/sec
  • Large yellow inspiratory flow indicator
  • Compact size w/bedrail holder
  • Built-in handle
  • Dial location on back of unit
  • Allows the patient to measure their progress in lung function
  • Provides immediate patient feedback
  • Easy to train